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BCG Trading system uses AI-Powered Technologies to find the profit opportunities between Cryptocurrency price inefficiency, macro-economics, market indicator, technical indicator, and other indicators through utilising historical data statistics to conduct a fast, safe, and large scale automated trading system


BCG Wallet is a fully distributed wealth management digital wallet utilizing the blockchain technology, allowing users to securely transfer, store, earn and spend cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere. It is simple and easy to operate, with many compression tests, powerful technology to maximize the security of digital assets.

Blockchain technology allows nodes to communicate and process data collectively, making sure a high transaction speed where it is capable to perform encrypted exchange and payment.

BCG Wallet aims to address the grey areas of current financial systems, delivering true financial freedom to all individuals by providing an integrated wealth management ecosystem.



Over-the-counter(OTC) refers to a transaction conducted by market trading entities on the basis of bilateral credit through independent bilateral investigations and bilateral liquidation. The transaction is traded within the eco-system.


The Fly off function allows users to spend BCG for accommodations, hotels, flights, car services, car rentals, etc in any destination they want. Users will be able to plan multiple fly off at the same time.


BCG Wallet users will be able to apply for a prepaid card, where they can deposit and withdraw at most ATM’s in the world. They will also be able use at all master card merchants across globe.

Trading Bot

Arbitrage trading is the trading strategy of simultaneously purchasing and selling a specific asset to profit from the price difference of the same or similar financial instrument, which in this BCG AI bot will take profits in automated trades. AI trade will also take advantage of leverage trading when markets fall into negative. Our bot utilizes Artificial Intelligence that has been tested and proven across multiple markets.


Your starting block for diving into crypto world. Whether you’re an individual, trader or investor — BCG Academy helps you learn, grow and gain an edge in increasingly digital world. Get to seize with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies and put that knowledge into practice right away.

Back Testing

AI bot does simulation with actual historical data in order to compare effectiveness of each strategy and do the necessary refinement.

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