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Billion Capital Global Agreement

Last Update : 30 Oct 2020

This Agreement is a contract between you (hereinafter referred to as 'user') and Billion Capital Global LTD. (hereinafter referred to as 'Billion Capital Global '), the owner of Billion Capital Global Official Platform (including Web end, mobile end and application program, hereinafter referred to as 'platform'), concerning services of Billion Capital Global Platform, which is legally binding on the User and Billion Capital Global . Billion Capital Global reminds the User to read carefully and fully understand the terms of this Agreement, especially those relating to exemption or limitation of platform liability and exclusion or limitation of user rights. The User shall read carefully and choose to accept or reject this Agreement. Unless the User accepts all the terms and conditions under this Agreement, the User shall not have the right to use the services provided by the Platform based on this Agreement. If the User does not agree with the content of this Agreement or refuses to acknowledge the right of the platform to unilaterally revise this Agreement at any time, the User shall immediately stop using and no longer visit this platform. The use of platform services (including but not limited to registration, login, use, browsing, etc.) shall be deemed that user has fully understood and fully accepted by all the terms of this Agreement (including any revisions made by Billion Capital Global at any time to this Agreement), and this Agreement shall be immediately established and come into force.


1 'This Agreement' includes, but not limited to, User Service Agreement, Licensing Agreement, Privacy Policy, After-Sale Service Policy and Legal Statement, as well as other agreements, rules, declarations, instructions or guidelines that have been or may be issued on the platform in the future.

2 'Cold Wallet' refers to a hardware product for secure storage of digital assets. Cold Wallet generates private keys of different currencies with two technical schemes. One is to generate seed passwords randomly and set payment passwords, and generate private key in different currencies by seed passwords and payment passwords; the other is to generate recovery phrases randomly, recovery phrases generate private keys of different currencies and finally, the private key generates the public key, and the public key generates the asset address to realize the secure storage of digital assets.

3 'Hot wallet' refers to the digital asset wallet based on block chain, including other auxiliary tools developed for the User to use block chain system.

4 'Public key' is generated by one-way derivation of private key with cryptographic principle, and is used to generate block chain digital wallet address, i.e. public receipt address.

5 'Private key', consisting of 256 random characters, is the key for the User to own and use digital assets.

6 'Recovery phrase' refers to 12 (or 15/18/21/24) ordered words generated by random algorithm that meet the industry standard of block chain BIP39. It is an easy-to-record form of private key, convenient to backup and safekeeping for the User.

7 'Payment password' means that the User shall confirm the password in the process of creating the wallet, which will be used to generate the currency private key together with the seed password. The password cannot be modified, and once the User loses or forgets the password, the assets cannot be retrieved.

8 'Security password' means that the User shall confirm the password in the process of creating the wallet, which will be used to protect the private key. The security password is not stored in the User's mobile device or Billion Capital Global Platform server. The password cannot be retrieved once forgotten. The User can use the private key or recovery phrase to re-import the wallet, and set a new security password.

9 The 'affiliated company' refers to a company with which Billion Capital Global has direct or indirect control or significant influence.

Platform Services

1 The User can choose to use different language versions of the platform. If the content of different language versions of the platform is inconsistent or conflicting, or missing, the English text of the platform shall be preferred.

2 The platform refers to digital asset security management service platform, which is provided by Billion Capital Global for the User. The specific service contents mainly include: digital asset security management service, digital asset transaction information release, user service and other ancillary services. Specific details are based on the actual service content provided by the platform.

3 When the User accesses or uses Billion Capital Global Platform, one must equip the device needed to access the Internet, and bear all the costs of the service, including, but not limited to, network access fees and mobile phone traffic fees. When it comes to the use of any third-party service, the User shall also comply with the third-party service guidelines and related fees.

4 During the implementation of this Agreement, Billion Capital Global may revise this Agreement according to the circumstances. Once the content of this Agreement changes, Billion Capital Global will publish the latest service agreement and will not give individual notification to the User. If the User does not agree with the revision of this Agreement made by Billion Capital Global , the User has the right to stop using the platform service. If the User continues to use the platform service, it will be deemed that the User accepts the revision of this Agreement made by Billion Capital Global and shall follow the revised agreement.

5 The User agrees that notification and any other agreement, announcement or other notification concerning use service can be sent by electronic or physical means such as platform announcement, mail, e-mail and SMS, and that such notification is deemed to have been delivered to the recipient on the date when it is sent (if it is notified to the User by mail, the notification shall be deemed to be delivered on the third natural day after the delivery of the notification according to the contact address retained by the User on the platform). If user fails to receive such notification on the date on which the aforementioned notification is deemed to have been delivered due to reasons not attributable to user (including inaccurate or invalid e-mail address, mobile phone number, contact address, information transmission failure.), Billion Capital Global shall not bear any responsibility.

6 In order to avoid any mis-operation of asset wallet or any security risk of digital assets, the User shall avoid using platform services without basic knowledge of block chain. For the User who does not have the basic knowledge of block chain, Billion Capital Global has the right to refuse to provide part or all of the service functions.

7 The User understands that Billion Capital Global will revise, suspend or shut down the platform service completely under the following situations. The effective date is based on the platform announcement.

  • The operation of the platform is interrupted due to technical reasons such as maintenance, upgrading, malfunction and communication interruption of device and block chain system.

  • Because of force majeure and other factors, the platform cannot provide services or Billion Capital Global reasonably believes that there will be great risks if it continues to provide services;

  • Major adverse changes have taken place in the applicable laws or policies; or it is in accordance with the requirements of laws, regulations and orders of sovereign countries or regions to which the User belong;

  • To protect the legitimate interests of the platform or the User;

  • Other situations that the platform cannot control or reasonably foresee.

Service Contents

1 User Registration

  • The User shall provide real, accurate, complete, legal and effective user information for Billion Capital Global 's official website, and update the User's registration information in time when it changes. If the User information provided by the User is illegal, untrue, inaccurate and not detailed, the User shall bear the corresponding responsibility and consequences arising therefrom, and Billion Capital Global reserves the right to unilaterally decide to suspend or close the User account and terminate the User's rights to use Billion Capital Global services within the scope permitted by law.

  • After successful registration, the User will get a corresponding user name and password. The User shall take full responsibility for the security of her/his user name and password, and the User shall take full responsibility for all activities and events carried out in one’s user name. If the User finds any illegal use of user account or security vulnerabilities, she/he shall immediately notify Billion Capital Global to request suspension of relevant services and report to the public security organs. At the same time, the User understands that it takes a reasonable period for Billion Capital Global to take action on the User' requests. Until then, Billion Capital Global will not be liable for any loss caused by the third party's use of the service.

  • In order to protect the personal rights and interests, the User shall not use simple passwords with repetitive or continuous numbers, and do not inform others of the password. Any losses caused by improper password storage shall be borne by the User. When the User uses mobile phone for registration, resets password and binds mobile phone, the User shall keep strictly confidential the verification codes sent by the platform, and the consequences of the leakage of the verification codes are borne by the User.

  • The User shall not lend the account registered on the platform to others for use; otherwise the User shall bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom together with others.

2 Wallet Creation

  • When the User creates the wallet for the first time, this Agreement will pop up. Once the User agrees to create the wallet, it means that the User agrees to the whole content of this Agreement, and the User is bound by this Agreement. If the User does not have the subject qualification required by this Agreement, the User shall bear all the consequences arising therefrom, and Billion Capital Global reserves the right to hold the User accountable.

  • The User hereby undertakes to create wallet and use platform services for legitimate purposes without the intention of violating laws and regulations with Billion Capital Global platform as a medium; the User guarantees that the digital assets deposited in wallet are legitimate; besides this Agreement, the User shall abide by all rules issued and updated by the platform from time to time, including announcements, instructions of use process and risk tips.

3 User Services Provided by Platform

  • The platform provides the User with the following services according to the registration rules:
    a. Digital asset security management service;
    b.. Real-time market and transaction information of digital assets projects;
    c. User services;
    d. Technical and management services to ensure the normal operation of the platform;
    e. Other services publicized by the platform.

  • Adhering to the de-centralization characteristics of block chains, the platform provides de-centralization services in order to protect the security of the User' digital assets, which are different from banking financial institutions. The User understand and accept that the platform does not bear the following responsibilities: storing the User's security password (that is, the password set when the User creates/imports the wallet), private key, and recovery phrase; retrieving the User's security password, private key, and recovery phrase; freezing the wallet; reporting the loss of the wallet; restoring the wallet.

  • The User shall assume the responsibility of keeping mobile devices containing asset wallet, backing up wallet information, backing up security passwords, recovery phrases and private keys. If the User loses mobile devices, deletes and fails to back up wallet information, deletes and fails to back up wallet, has wallet stolen or forgets security passwords, private keys and recovery phrases, the platform cannot restore wallet or retrieve security passwords, private keys and recovery phrases; if the User conducts transactions by mistake (such as entering wrong transfer address, wrong transfer amount), the platform cannot cancel transactions, and shall not be responsible for it.

Limitation of Platform Liability

1 Billion Capital Global does not provide any guarantee for the following services:

  • Platform services will meet the needs of the User;

  • Platform services will be provided in a timely manner without interference or error.

  • Any products, services and information purchased or acquired by the User through platform services will meet the expectations of the User;

  • All information, programs, text and data contained in the platform are completely secure, free from any virus, Trojan horse and other malicious programs.

  • All calculation results are verified by the platform, and the corresponding calculation methods will be publicized on the platform, but the platform cannot guarantee that there is no error or interference in the calculation.

2 The User knows and agrees that under no circumstances shall Billion Capital Global be liable for any of the following:

  • Loss of user's income;

  • User's transaction profit or contract loss;

  • Losses caused by service interruption, suspension or termination;

  • Losses expected to save transaction costs;

  • The loss caused by the problem of information transmission;

  • Losses caused by loss or damage of data;

  • Any indirect, special or incidental loss caused by infringement (including intent and negligence), breach of contract, or any other reason, regardless of whether such loss is reasonably foreseeable by the platform or whether the platform has been informed in advance of the possibility of such loss;

  • The User's digital assets are lost due to the loss of mobile devices, deletion of wallet information without backup, forgetting and not backing up security passwords, private keys, recovery phrases, etc.

  • Loss of the User's digital assets due to the User' self-disclosure of secure passwords, private keys, recovery phrases, or borrowing, transferring or authorizing others to use their mobile devices or wallet, or not downloading platform applications through Billion Capital Global 's official channels or using platform applications in other unsafe ways;

  • Loss of digital assets due to user's error in operations (including but not limited to user's error in entering transfer addresses, user's choice of transfer node servers);

  • The loss of the User's digital assets due to misoperation due to the User's incomprehension of the knowledge of block chain technology;

  • The deviation of platform in copying the User's transaction records on block chains due to system lag and unstable block chains.

3 The User knows and agrees that in any of the following circumstances, Billion Capital Global has the right to refuse to compensate the User for all or part of the loss:

  • Billion Capital Global has reasonable reasons to believe that the User's behavior on the platform is suspected of illegal or immoral behavior;

  • The User mistakenly thinks that the loss is caused by the platform;

  • Any other loss not caused by the platform.

4 The quality and content of the service provided by the partner of the platform service shall be the responsibility of the partner. The content of the platform may involve other platforms owned, controlled or operated by third party (hereinafter referred to as 'third-party platform'). Platform cannot guarantee and has no obligation to guarantee the authenticity and validity of any information on third-party platform. The User confirms to use third-party platform in accordance with the service agreement of third-party platform, rather than in accordance with this Agreement. The User shall judge content, products, advertisements and any other information of the third-party platform and assume risks, but not related to Billion Capital Global Platform. The User shall consider and take risks for downloading or obtaining any information through the use of platform services. Any loss caused by downloading information shall be borne by the User.

5 Where permitted by law, Billion Capital Global shall not be liable for any indirect, punitive, special, derivative loss (including business loss, revenue loss, profit loss or loss of use of data or other economic benefits) related to or caused by this Agreement, or due to the use of the platform, or all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services provided to the User through the platform or otherwise, or the purchase and use of the products, regardless of how it is caused, whether it is caused by breach of contract (including breach of warranty) or by infringement, even if it has been informed of the possibility of such loss in advance. In addition, even if the exclusive relief provided for in this Agreement fails to achieve its basic purpose, Billion Capital Global 's liability for the above losses shall be excluded.

6 The guarantees and commitments made by Billion Capital Global in this Agreement are the only guarantees and statements made by Billion Capital Global to provide platform services in accordance with this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as 'agreement guarantees'). All agreement guarantees are made only for the platform and are binding on the platform itself. Their validity cannot bind any third party.

7 If the platform system collapses due to force majeure or other uncontrollable reasons or the platform cannot be normally used, as a result, the transaction cannot be completed or the relevant information and records are lost, Billion Capital Global will make reasonable efforts to assist in dealing with the aftermath.

Statements and Commitments of the User

1 The User states that one has full civil rights capacity and full civil capacity, can independently assume legal responsibility. If the User violates this condition, Billion Capital Global may, at any time, has sole discretion to refuse to provide services for the User. If it causes losses to Billion Capital Global or third party, the User shall also bear full liability for compensation.

2 The User undertakes not to use the platform services for any illegal purposes or in any illegal way, and abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the country and all international practices concerning the Internet, and abide by all network agreements, rules and procedures related to the platform services.

3 The User understands and agrees that the third party service chosen by the User on the platform is evaluated and selected by the User herself/himself. Billion Capital Global does not bear any responsibility for the third party service behaviour that the User chooses to use on the platform. Billion Capital Global cannot and does not have the obligation to guarantee the results of the User' use. The losses caused by the User' use of third party services are also borne by the User herself/himself, and Billion Capital Global does not bear responsibility.

4 The User agrees to be responsible for all activities (including information disclosure, publishing information, click-to-agree agreements, uploading and submitting documents, click-to-agree renewal agreements or click-to-agree service agreements provided by third party) in her/his registration account of the platform, and in the above-mentioned process, if the User fail to comply with the terms of this Agreement or the trading rules published by the platform, the platform does not assume any responsibility.

5 The User agrees that Billion Capital Global has the right to put various commercial advertisements or any other type of business information (including advertisements on any page of the platform) in various ways in the process of providing platform services, and the User agrees to accept the platform to send commercial promotions or other related business information to the User by e-mail or other means.

6 The User agrees that if a dispute arises between the User and service providers or other third party due to the use of third-party services, one shall not request relevant information from the platform in other ways than judicial or administrative channels.

7 The User must abide by national laws and regulations when using platform services. The User promises to strictly full fill the following obligations:

  • One shall not transmit or publish speeches that incite resisting and destroying the implementation of the Constitution, laws and administrative regulations, incite subverting the state power, overthrowing the socialist system, incite splitting the country and undermining national unity, incite national hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;

  • The transmission of data and information from Singapore to overseas countries must conform to the relevant laws and regulations of Singapore.

  • One shall not get engaged in illegal and criminal activities through the platform such as money laundering, stealing business secrets, and stealing personal information.

  • One shall not interfere with the normal operation of the platform or intrude into the platform and the national computer information system.

  • One shall not transmit or publish illegal, harassing, insulting, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or uncivilized information;

  • One shall not transmit or publish information or speech impairing the public interests of the state or involving national security;

  • One shall not instigate others to engage in acts prohibited by this Article;

  • One shall not get engaged in profit-making business activities through the account registered on the platform;

  • One shall not publish any content that infringes upon other people's intellectual property rights or legitimate rights such as copyright or trademark rights;

  • One shall not maliciously defame the platform's goodwill by means of fiction or exaggeration of facts;

  • Other inappropriate acts Billion Capital Global has legitimate reasons to believe.

8 The User shall pay attention to and abide by all kinds of legal rules and regulations published or modified by the platform from time to time. Billion Capital Global reserves the right to delete all kinds of information content that does not conform to legal policy or is not true or appropriate without notifying the User, and does not have to bear any responsibility. If the User fails to comply with the above provisions, Billion Capital Global has the right to make independent judgments and take measures such as suspending or closing user accounts without any responsibility.

9 The User agrees that the User shall fully compensate Billion Capital Global and its affiliates, partners, directors and employees (including attorneys' fees) for any application or claim for compensation (including attorney's fees) made or initiated by any third party because the User violates this Agreement, or documents incorporated into this Agreement by invoking, or any law or third party's rights by using platform services.

10 If the User violates the content of this article, Billion Capital Global has the right to take such measures as warning, suspension of service, cancellation of orders, prohibition of transactions, closure of accounts and permanent prohibition of registration according to the seriousness of the circumstances, in case of losses to Billion Capital Global or third party, Billion Capital Global has the right to take all lawful litigation and non-litigation means to claim compensation; if the User's behaviour constitutes a crime, Billion Capital Global has the right to notify and assist government departments to conduct investigation and punishment.

Service fees

When the User uses the platform services, if the platform charges the User the related platform service fees, the service fees of platform are detailed in the fee instructions and charging standards listed on the platform when the User uses the platform services. The platform reserves the right to unilaterally formulate and adjust the platform service fee charging standards.

When using the platform to transfer funds, the User shall pay 'miners' fee' or network fee and decide the amount of the fee and it shall be collected by the relevant block chain network. The User should be aware that she/he may fail to transfer under certain circumstances (including but not limited to insufficient 'miner's fee' or network fees paid by the User during the transfer period, or unstable related block chain network); in such cases, even if the User fail to transfer, the miner's fee will be charged by the relevant block chain network.

3 All taxable and other expenses incurred as a result of using the platform services shall be paid by the User.

Authorization and Protection of User Information

1 User Information

  • It refers to the personal registration information provided by the User according to the requirements of the platform when the User registers a platform account or uses an account, including, but not limited to, telephone number, mailbox information and identity document information etc.;

  • The server values on the User's browser the platform automatically receives and records when the User uses the platform services or accesses the platform, including but not limited to data such as IP addresses and web page records that the User require to access;

  • The relevant data collected by the platform for the User to conduct transactions on the platform, including but not limited to transaction records;

  • Other personal information of the User obtained by the platform through legal channels.

2 The User agrees that Billion Capital Global can use data collection devices such as 'Cookies' on some web pages of the platform to automatically track information about the User according to her/his behaviour on the platform. Without revealing the User' privacy information, the platform has the right to analyse the entire user database and use it for commercial purpose.

3 The User is authorized to use the platform services, which shall be deemed that the User agrees Billion Capital Global to collect and use or disclose her/his personal information. The User understands and agrees that, based on the consideration of customizing platform services for the User, resolving disputes and ensuring safe transactions on the platform by the User, Billion Capital Global can use the User's personal information collected for the following purposes:

  • It provides platform services for the User;

  • It reports to the relevant authorities on the basis of the requirements of the competent authorities of the sovereign state or region;

  • When the User uses platform services, the platform uses the User' information for legitimate purposes such as identity verification, user service, security, fraud monitoring, marketing, archiving and backup, or cooperates with third party to ensure the security of products and services provided by the platform for the User;

  • It collects and sorts out information to help the platform design new products and services and improve the platform's existing services;

  • In order to make the User understand the specific situation of the platform services, the User agrees that the platform will send marketing campaign notifications, commercial electronic information and provide user-related advertising to replace the general advertising.

  • Platform transfers or discloses user's information to any unrelated third party in order to complete merger, division, acquisition or asset transfer;

  • Software authentication or management software upgrade;

  • invites the User to participate in the survey on platform services;

  • The information is used for data analysis for cooperation with government agencies, public affairs agencies and associations.

  • The information is used for settling disputes or mediating disputes;

  • The information is used for all other legitimate purposes and other purposes authorized by the User.

4 Authorized by the User, except as otherwise stipulated by law, Billion Capital Global can use the information provided by users for the platform, information generated by enjoying platform services (including information provided and generated before signing this Agreement), and information queried and collected by the platform in accordance with the provisions of this Article for the platform and its partners entrusted to provide services for users, recommend products, conduct market research and information data analysis.

5 Billion Capital Global will protect the User's information according to relevant laws and regulations. Billion Capital Global will not sell or share the information provided by User to any third party for free except for the content and purpose of this Agreement. Billion Capital Global will also urge its partners to keep the above information confidential and take various measures to ensure information security.

Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights

1 For all contents on the platform, including the arrangement of works, pictures, archives, information, data, platform architecture and platform pictures, platform design, text and graphics, software compilation, relevant source code and software, intellectual property rights are owned by Billion Capital Global or other obligees according to law, including trademark rights, patent rights, copyright and trade secrets, and are protected by national laws, regardless of whether such contents are formed before or after this Agreement.

2 Except as otherwise mandatory by law, without the written permission of Billion Capital Global or other obligees, no unit or individual may illegally use, copy, reproduce, quote, link, capture or publish platform procedures or contents in whole or in part in any way. Otherwise, Billion Capital Global has the right to pursue its legal liability.

3 The User shall not download (except page caching) or revise the platform or any part of it without the express written consent of Billion Capital Global . The User shall not resell or commercially utilize the platform or its contents; shall not collect and use product catalogues, descriptions and prices; shall not make any derivative use of the platform or its contents; shall not download or copy account information for other commercial interests or use Robots or similar tools to collect and extract data. Without the written permission of the platform, it is strictly forbidden to systematically acquire the content of the platform so as to create or edit anthologies, compilations, databases or personal address lists directly or indirectly (whether or not through Robots, Spiders, automatic instruments or manual operation). In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use the contents and materials on the platform for any purpose that is not explicitly permitted by these conditions of use.

4 The use of any service provided for the User by the platform shall not be deemed as the transfer of any intellectual property rights from Billion Capital Global to the User. The User is obliged to respect intellectual property rights. In case of violation, the User shall bear legal liabilities such as compensation for damages to Billion Capital Global .

Risk Tips

1 Billion Capital Global does not explicitly or implicitly guarantee the User to use platform services, including, but not limited to, the applicability of the platform, error-free or omission-free, sustainability, accuracy, reliability, and applicability to a particular purpose. At the same time, Billion Capital Global does not make any commitment and guarantee to the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, integrity and timeliness of the technology and information involved in the service provided by the platform.

2 The User shall decide whether to use the platform service or not and takes the risk and the possible loss on her/his own. Billion Capital Global does not guarantee the market, value and price of digital assets explicitly or implicitly. The User knows and understands the instability of digital assets market. The price and value of digital assets will fluctuate or collapse at any time. The User shall select and decide transaction of digital assets, and takes risks and possible losses on her/his own.

3 Billion Capital Global does not provide any guarantees or conditions, express, implied or statutory, for any user and/or any transaction. Billion Capital Global cannot and does not attempt to control the information released by the User or service providers. For such information, the platform does not undertake any form of certification and authentication services. Platform cannot fully guarantee the authenticity, adequacy, reliability, accuracy, integrity and validity of the content of the platform, and does not need to bear any legal liability arising therefrom. The User shall rely on her/his own judgment to conduct transactions, and assume full responsibility for her/his judgment.

4 The market view function the platform provides can only capture search results of some digital assets exchange rate information of exchanges, and does not mean the latest market or the best offer.

5 In order to avoid duplicate transfers, the User shall reconfirm through the official way of relevant block chains or other block chain inquiry tools when similar abnormal information such as 'transaction failure' and 'packing overtime' occurs in the transfer process; otherwise, all losses and expenses caused by this shall be borne by the User.

6 When creating or importing wallet, the User shall make the secure backup of security password, private key, recovery phrase and other information in the User's wallet. It is prohibited for the User to use the following electronic backup methods: screenshots, e-mail, Notepad applications in mobile phones, SMS and social media applications. The User shall copy recovery phrases and Keystore information on paper notebooks. If the User does not save or back up the security password, private key, recovery phrase and other information and loses the User's mobile device, the User's digital assets may be lost, and Billion Capital Global cannot retrieve it for the User. Any and all losses arising from the aforementioned circumstances shall be borne by the User.

7 The above cannot reveal all the risks of trading through the platform and the whole situation of the market. Before making trading decisions, the User shall fully understand the relevant digital assets, make prudent decisions according to her/his trading objectives, risk tolerance and asset status, and assume all risks on her/his own.

Termination of Agreement

1 The User has the right to apply to the platform for cancellation of registered account at any time, and the Agreement shall terminate from the date when the platform approves the cancellation of registered account.

2 If the User dies or is declared dead, her/his rights and obligations under this Agreement shall be borne by her/his heirs. If the User loses all or part of her/his capacity for civil rights or civil conduct, Billion Capital Global or the authorized subject shall have the right to dispose of the funds related to the User's account in accordance with the effective legal instruments (including effective court decisions, etc.) or the instructions of her/his legal guardian. If the heir or legal guardian decides to continue to perform this Agreement, this Agreement shall remain valid; otherwise, the heir or legal guardian shall apply to the platform for cancellation of account in accordance with this Agreement, and the Agreement shall terminate from the date when the platform approves the cancellation of account for the User.

3 Billion Capital Global has the right to terminate all services of the platform in accordance with this Agreement. This Agreement terminates on the date of termination of all services of the platform. The clearance process shall be in accordance with the specific provisions of the platform announcement.

4 After the termination of this Agreement, the User shall not be entitled to require Billion Capital Global to continue to provide any services or perform any other obligations, including but not limited to requiring Billion Capital Global to retain or disclose any information in his original account for the User, and forward any information that he has not read or sent to the User or a third party.

5 The termination of this Agreement shall not affect liability of the breaching party for the breach of contract before the termination of other agreements advocated by the non-breaching party to the breaching party, nor shall it affect the performance of the contractual obligations after the termination of this Agreement.

Jurisdictions and Application of Law

1 The content, conclusion, implementation and interpretation of this Agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the relevant effective laws of the Singapore. In the event of conflict between this Agreement and the applicable law, these Provisions shall be reinterpreted in full accordance with the provisions of the law, while other valid provisions shall remain in force.

2 If any dispute arises over the content or enforcement of this Agreement, the two parties shall try to settle it through friendly negotiation.


1 Billion Capital Global respects the legitimate rights of the User. The purpose of this Agreement and all kinds of rules and declarations issued on this platform is to provide better and more convenient services for the User. The User is requested to read and understand the terms of the Agreement marked in black, bold and other ways.

2 If any provision of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, invalid or illegal by any institute having jurisdiction, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Agreement.

3 If any provision of this Agreement is wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, it shall be deemed to be separable from this Agreement and to be replaced by a new effective provision as close as possible to the intentions of the parties and capable of retaining the economic purpose required by this Agreement, and in such case, other provisions of this Agreement remain fully valid and binding.

4 Unless otherwise agreed in other provisions of this Agreement, no provisions in this Agreement shall be deemed to have created, implied or otherwise treated Billion Capital Global as an agent, trustee or other representative of the User.

5 Waiver of breach of agreement or waiver of any term or condition of this Agreement shall take effect only after the non-breaching party or the party that does not seek such waiver signs in writing to agree to the waiver. Any waiver of breach of agreement under this Agreement cannot be deemed or interpreted as an exemption of the non-breaching party from any subsequent breach of agreement or other breach of agreement. Failure to exercise any right or remedy shall not be construed as a waiver of such right or remedy in any way.

6 Billion Capital Global reserves the right of ultimate interpretation of this Agreement.